Bumble & Bumble Offers Exclusive Access to Their Corporate HQ for Homeless Youth Exploring Careers in Merchandising & Product Development

Posted by Sheltering Arms on November 14, 2016 in Volunteer

Many of the youth we serve have never been to Manhattan, much less gone behind the scenes of the city’s top corporate headquarters. That’s why it was such a big deal when Bumble & Bumble opened their doors to our Queens homeless youth and youth center programs.

The youth got an exclusive tour of the office (complete with a scavenger hunt and prizes), asked questions of top employees in a career panel, watched and practiced a product demo, and even went through the first stages of new hire orientation where they learned the history and mission of the company. Most importantly, they worked alongside Bumble & Bumble team members to develop a new product idea and mini merchandising concept with a worksheet and activity created by Sheltering Arms curriculum experts.

In just a few hours, youth embraced new career options they hadn’t known existed before and were able to discover the pathways to achieve these careers from reps on the career panel. Above all, they got the chance to work alongside Bumble & Bumble staff mentors. Even a few hours with the team exposed youth to new vocabulary, professional dress, ways of thinking and communicating, and corporate spaces that are normally closed off to low-income youth in the high-need communities we serve. Thanks to Bumble & Bumble for helping break down barriers to access for our kids, and, of course, for the visit to the office cafeteria!

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