Juvenile Justice Reform


youth impacted each year

For many teens growing up in the city’s high-crime, high-poverty neighborhoods, it’s a daily struggle to stay out of trouble, and striving for a brighter future too often takes a back seat to self-preservation. Sheltering Arms utilizes non-traditional solutions to meet the city’s need for comprehensive and effective youth rehabilitation. From implementing a groundbreaking Creative Arts Therapy program to nationally recognized models for treating mental health, we are transforming the way juvenile justice is operated. Our homes and programs provide the resources for youth to rehabilitate and discover their potential, and get on track for bright futures as positive contributors to their communities.

A Trusted Partner

Sheltering Arms is one of the first agencies in the city to provide the full spectrum of alternative juvenile justice options. The diversity of programs we offer and our multitude of sites ensure that we can develop best practices to share both internally and externally. Sheltering Arms is the trusted partner of city agencies like ACS, which consistently seek us out to pilot and perfect models for change across the city.