Since I’ve Been in Their Shoes, My Goal is to Provide a Voice for Children

Posted by Sheltering Arms on September 5, 2017 in Family Preservation

“I went into the profession of social work because I have a history of trauma myself. I provide child & parent psychotherapy to children and families who have been exposed to trauma through a program called “Seen and Heard”, an early intervention program for young children experiencing abuse or whose families are struggling with abuse and other risk factors, such as domestic violence. One of my goals is to provide a voice for children who don’t have one. Since I’ve been in their shoes, I have an idea of what they’re experiencing, what they’re feeling. Through the years, I have observed that social problems are inter-generational. When I work with victims or perpetrators of domestic violence and hear their stories, I find that they are just doing what they were exposed to when they were young. That’s why early intervention and detection is so important. If only I could go back in time.

The best part of my job is that every mommy and child leaves my session holding hands, happy. Every success, every child who gets a good report card, every parent who reaches out to me and tells me I have made a difference in their child’s life, is a reminder that people do change and is a reason for hope.” – Joanna Barberii-Rosario, Child & Parent Psychotherapist

Photos and interviews courtesy of Kelly Campbell. “As a portrait photographer, I am doing a series illuminating the professions and heroes of the Human Services sector. Especially now, in the wake of such political incivility and coarseness, I am heartened by the stories and work of the wide range of folks who have dedicated their lives to helping others. I want to explore the decision to make a life’s work in patience and empathy.” #UnSung&UnTold