Thank You Notes from Our Kids to You, Our Holiday Gift Donors

Posted by Sheltering Arms on January 5, 2017 in Volunteer

This year, hundreds of donors gathered 5,000 presents so that our kids could experience the joy of the holidays. Take a look at their reactions and wishes for you in the notes they wrote.
“Your elves and you made the world a better place even for the poor people.” – Darrius
“Thank you for the gifts. Some parents can’t even afford gifts for their kids, so thank you Santa for the gifts.” – Meki
“I hope your elves are taking a break. They should have a hot coco to warm up. Say hi for us!”
“Thank you Santa. I am thankful for having my family right besides me. I am also thankful for having clothes on my body. I also have food to eat.” – Mario
“Every time I see you, you make me happy and excited. I say to myself, OMG I can’t believe it is Santa Clause. I wish you were my aunt.” – Jordalyz
“I am thankful for my family because I’m living under an apartment.” – Waou
“God bless you and your reindeer!” – Angie
“Thank you for my gifts and for my parents and all the love.” – Hector
“I am very thankful. You try hard in the factory so I hope you work on my gift and bring me anything you worked on.” – Angel
“I’m so glad you made up Christmas. I would like to sing one of the songs you made up.” – Lucy
“I hope you don’t cry. Don’t let no body make you cry. Thanks Santa for my gifts.” – Amelia
“All of the things I wished for became in front of my own eyes.” – Sofia
“I really liked the presents and I will always remember to be a good boy.” -Jael
“This is the best Christmas I ever ever had in my life!” – Christopher
“This is the best day ever! I hope one day you get a gift.”
“Dear Santa Clause: YOU! ARE! THE! BEST!” – Anayah
“Thank you for my gift and my family. I have you in my heart.” -Braiden
“Thank you for my present. For all the hard work, this is for you.” – Jaylanie
“Thank you Santa for my gift and for the joy you give me. Sorry I did not get you cookies this year, but I will get you some next year. Say hi to Ms. Claws.” -Ashly
“I hope you made all of the gifts you wanted to make and next time you can stay and tell us about the North Pole.” -Tim
“I like how you gave everybody presents so everybody have a good time with their toys.” -Jaylyn
“You love me too. I love you a lot.” -Angelina
“Thank you for the presents for the last 3 years because my family doesn’t celebrate Christmas so I don’t get presents.” – Fanta
“I am so happy because of my education.” – Merlyn
“My Christmas wish is to help the poor.” – Josue
“You are the best and have fun with your families.” – Elizabaeth