These Are Terrifying Times for Our Families, So We’re Determined to Make a Difference

Posted by Sheltering Arms on September 5, 2017 in Early Childhood Education

“The kids we serve are living well below the poverty line. The vast majority of their parents are immigrants. These are the most terrifying and stressful times for our families because of the attacks on immigrants. Many are afraid to leave the house to go to work or pick up food, so the children don’t eat or get clean diapers except when they are with us.

We see our families experiencing deep depression. Some of them are able to share their fears; others are withdrawn. That’s why we provide services for the whole family here. Not only are we supporting young children with a foundational education, we provide free childcare, food, clothing, diapers, parent workshops, and even mental health services for parents and children. We also provide classes and resources for parents who are unable to read and write, or who are learning English, so they can advocate for their kids with us. We are determined to make a difference.”
– Keisha Kennedy, Teacher, Early Childhood Education Program

Photos and interviews courtesy of Kelly Campbell. “As a portrait photographer, I am doing a series illuminating the professions and heroes of the Human Services sector. Especially now, in the wake of such political incivility and coarseness, I am heartened by the stories and work of the wide range of folks who have dedicated their lives to helping others. I want to explore the decision to make a life’s work in patience and empathy.” #UnSung&UnTold