‘Safe Space’ Youth Centers

In the darkest times of my life, the youth center has been the place to light the path for me to follow, in order to find my own light to shine.

~ Jacqueline, Youth Center Participant


youth impacted each year

Our youth centers and homes are havens for young people to be nurtured, counseled and supported when they often have nowhere else to turn. With us, young people find a refuge from the challenges they face coming of age in low-income neighborhoods – from homelessness to gang violence and limited job opportunities. Our ‘Safe Space’ Youth Centers and homes are secure places to build strong relationships with staff and peers, to get help with school work, to gain referrals for food or housing and other basic needs, and to develop skills and build pathways for career success. Below are just a few of the resources and opportunities we offer to youth at our many drop-in centers:

  • Job readiness training and application support
  • Food and clothing
  • Low-income housing referals and application support
  • GED classes and tutoring
  • Computer literacy, financial literacy, and other workshops
  • Mentoring and conflict mediation
  • LGBTQ activities and support
  • STD testing and pregnancy prevention
  • Referrals to our mental health counseling and treatment
  • Referrals to our prenatal health program
  • Creative Arts Therapy and workshops
  • Field trips to broaden youth horizons