At Sheltering Arms, our goal is to foster a society where every child and family we serve will have the opportunity to succeed and thrive. We address the effects of social inequity in the most challenged communities in New York City. Our innovative programs and compassionate services measurably enhance the education, well-being, and development of children, their families, and communities. We have maintained an unwavering commitment to our mission since 1831.

Our Core Values


Integrity is a personal and professional commitment to be accountable for our words and actions. This means being honest, transparent, and responsive to the needs and challenges presented in our work. Acting with integrity is essential to make an effective impact in the lives of the children, youth, and families we help across NYC.


Justice is actively working with our communities to overcome social inequalities. This means seeking what is right, just, and fair and ensuring the children, youth, and families we help have access to the resources and opportunities needed to grow and thrive.


Compassion is showing care and concern for all people despite differences in race, gender, religion, or culture. This means showing respect and having a desire to understand the unique challenges, hardships, and experiences our clients face in order to help our clients and communities take steps towards positive change.


Excellence is delivering high-quality services and programs that lead the industry. This means setting and achieving bold goals, empowering staff, and working together across the organization to go above and beyond to help our clients.


Optimism is key to our ability to effect positive change while helping our clients and communities become for resilient, connected, and successful in the long-term. This means we join together, collaborate, and find solutions to the “grand challenges” of our time. With optimism, we build a brighter future for now and generations to come.


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