Video: Youth Refugee Tells Story of Finding Sanctuary & Success in Our Home for Youth

Posted by Sheltering Arms on March 6, 2017 in Our Stories

New Yorkers founded Sheltering Arms in 1831 to meet the critical needs of the tens of thousands of immigrants coming to New York City in search of a better life. For generations, we’ve fought to give everyone a fair shot at success, whether they were impoverished and sick or escaping violence and persecution in their home countries.

Our founding mission has never been more relevant. Today’s events call for an urgent response and powerful compassion on a grand scale, and we need your help.

Immigrants are the heart of our organization – representing our staff, the children we serve, and the reason our organization was founded in 1831. Just as we met families with open arms as they came through Ellis Island in the 1800s, we continue to lend strength and opportunity to people like Jon, an asylum-seeker who bravely shares his story in a quick video here:

Please, support immigrants like Jon and contribute to our #183one campaign HERE BY MARCH 17th.

The bright futures of immigrants like Jon and many more we serve are at risk today unless we can come together as ONE to give families the chance they deserve to survive and thrive as Americans have for centuries.

Please, give HERE BY MARCH 17th to help us safeguard our children’s futures.

Time is of the essence as we gather emergency funds for our refugee and immigrant families.